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True Balance is the answer.

We know your Balance

How did you check the balance of your smartphone up until now? You won’t need to dial anymore if you’re with True Balance. Just launch the app and you can enjoy all the benefits listed below. Plus, it will let you save all the messages such as pack receipts or special offers that are sent to you by the operators.


  • – Main balance remaining
  • – Rate cutter expiry
  • – Data, Call pack remaining expiry
  • – Promo balance remaining & expiry

We know Dual Sim

Many users prefer using a dual SIM to a single SIM for different reasons – they want to manage and control their mobile fees effectively, get special offers or just for a backup. There can be multiple reasons as to why they use dual SIMs but to best manage it there’s only one answer, it’s True balance.


  • – Balance for both SIMs at a glance
  • – Quick link to operator services

We know Recharge

Recharging is difficult and frustrating, especially when you’re traveling from a circle to another. True balance has managed to make this process quick, easy and safe for you. Just keep calm and stay connected.


  • -Notification when balance is low
  • -Quick & Safe recharge
  • -Recharge via debit/credit card, PG etc.

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