What’s new in v2.27.03?

What’s new in v2.27.03?

This December, as we believe that adding up small things can make a big difference, we’re bringing you one of our user’s most popular request.

What if we told you there is a way to recharge their mobile numbers in under 10 seconds, and even it’s for FREE?


Recharge for friends in True Balance

Simply tap to Recharge in True Balance, and type in the mobile number instead of yours.

Do you recharge for someone regularly? Pin the mobile number to the top so that you can easily re-purchase with just one tap! True Balance app remembers whom you recharged for and which pack you chose for the loved one.

You can pay it with your credit/debit card/net banking, or you can use your points earned in the app. Check out the screenshots.




No More Switching

Check and Recharge in True Balance App, we are always here for you.

Want to access quick? Use the notification center to launch True Balance App. Gift recharge to your loved one in a lightning speed.

It is the exact thing an overwhelming majority of them told us.


Check it out in the app. It’ll only take a second!
Tap here to download True Balance now.

Small improvements like this come directly from the feedback we get from you. Give us a shout out at cs@balancehero.com to share yours.

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