Faster Mobile Recharge

NEW version 2.31.01 is Out: Faster Recharge, Accurate Data Statistics, Auto-Start Accessibility Guide and More

Today, we have released a new version of True Balance i.e. 2.31.01. Compare to our last cashback version this is just a features improvement update.

Changes you will see in this version:

• Faster Mobile Recharge
Mobile recharge process in True Balance has been improved by reducing the recharge steps. Now you can directly land to mobile number input page by clicking “Recharge” button placed on True Balance home page.

Faster Mobile Recharge

• Auto-Start Guide when True Balance Accessibility Turned OFF
If you are using Xiaomi, Vivo, Letv, Oppo, Gionee, Karbonn, Coolpad & Asus Android devices then you often face accessibility turned off issue. With our current guide (accessibility turn on), some users are not able to find the exact setting and asking us for a permanent solution. In this update, we have introduced an auto-start guide that will find the exact issue behind the accessibility off and guide you to fix it with beautiful user interface.

The Auto-Start guide is device & OS specific so, you will get the recommended setting based on your device manufacturer and the operating system it has.

Turn-On Accessibility

So, with this new app settings, we hope that you will never face this accessibility turned off issue again.

• Improved Accuracy of Mobile Data Statistics
You must be aware that Google has added many permission checks from his Marshmallow i.e Android 6.0 version operating system. The same affected the True Balance’s “Stats” feature and need additional permission to improve the accuracy of data statistics since version 6.0 of Android.

So, if your device is running on Marshmallow or Android 6.0 version operating system and not able to see mobile data statistics then you have to give mobile data usage permission to True Balance. For your convenience, we have added a dedicated “Activate” button within the “Statistics” page (below image have explained the same)

Mobile Data Statistics

Along with above major updates, we did few more improvement in True Balance as below –
• Lighter App: App size has been reduced from its previous version i.e 2.30.02.
• New Lucky Box: We know that you love Lucky Box. Considering the same, we improved it with a new animated coin that will give you more opportunity to earn free recharges.

Hope you will enjoy this new improvements of True Balance 🙂
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