Jio Recharge is finally here!

Jio Recharge is finally here!

So, here we are with the launch of Jio recharge on our app. At True Balance we take the feedback of our users very seriously, therefore we made sure that enabling Jio recharge at the earliest should be our primary objective, and here we are with the Jio recharge available for our users.


How to Recharge My Jio?

The recharge process of the Jio is very easy to do, you will not face any difficulty while recharging your Jio number. Just follow the image below, and you can recharge your Jio number instantly!


Check Plans & Special Offers!

All the special offers for your Jio sim are displayed in the “All plans” segment where you can find the list of all the plans for your Jio sim. The booster plans, base plans, and ISD packs are mentioned in “All plans” section on the recharge page.
Below are the available plans:

Dhan Dhana Dhan

  • Prime 309, Rs 309
  • Prime 509, Rs 509
  • Prime + Dhan Dhana Dhan Bundle (Rs 99 + 309), Rs 408
  • Prime + Dhan Dhana Dhan Bundle (Rs 99 + 509), Rs 608

Booster Plan

  • Data Booster 51, Rs 51

SMS Plan

  • SMS Plan, Rs 201

ISD Plan

  • ISD Pack, Rs 501



Quick Troubleshooting tips!

There are certain minor glitches which you might come across initially, well these are just for the time being and will be done with, in our next version update.

Let us fill you in with the minor issues that you might come across…


Q. My Jio Balance is not reflected after recharging! Why?

A. Please don’t panic, it nowhere implies that your recharge hasn’t been successful, it is just that, as of now we are not able to reflect your updated balance due to certain issues. You will find your updated balance from our next version update.


Q. I am a prime user and get a recharge failure when I try to buy a non prime plan. Why?

A. Since a non prime user becomes a prime user by buying a prime plan, once you become a prime user, then you are no longer entitled to buy the non prime plans.


Q.  I want to recharge my Jio faster! Any tips?

A.  Yes, please save your number in True Balance app, and recharge at once! All you need to is to go in the “sim settings” and in the “check your number” section enter your Jio number, your number will be saved then and you will no longer have to enter your Jio number again and again.


Q.  I can see duplicated plan when I recharge for my Jio. Why?

A. Well, we are on it, and you will not find this issue from our next version update.


We knew that the Jio recharge availability in the True Balance app was a must for our users, therefore we came with the Jio recharge to take away any difficulty that our users were facing.

We are rigorously working to make your experience better with each passing day, your feedback help us in getting better. Please feel free to write down your comment below.

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