Checkout the New Version Update 2.40 [Part I]

Checkout the New Version Update 2.40 [Part I]

With the new version, the ways of earning have also increased to many folds. The earning ways have not just increased but also there has been a great increase in the reward amount too. Now, you have innumerable ways to earn a huge amount, or you can say that the earning never stops! True Balance has got a new way.

Let’s first talk about the traditional earning way:

In the traditional referral earning task, you first invite your friend and based on that successful referral you earn the reward. How to invite your friend and earn the reward?

Please find the steps below

Step 1: Share the referral code with your friend.

Step 2: Let your friend register with your Referral Code

Step 3: And you get your reward, Tada!


But that is an old song now, let’s talk about the new way!

Now the referral does not just end there, not just your friend would fetch you reward, the friend of your friend can fetch you reward too!

Are you shocked? Yes, you could be but it’s true. The friend of your friend can fetch rewards too. It is the best gift that True Balance could have given to its users. The rewards are now unending. You now have innumerable ways to earn rewards.

Please find below the steps to earn rewards from the invites of your friend too:

Step 1: Send the “Ask” message to your friend.

Wait till your friend reads it and Invites another friend:

And finally, you get your reward, tada!

Could it get any better?

All you need to do is to sit & relax while your friends would do the work for you!

So now, earn over 1000+ with True Balance! 

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