Checkout the New Version Update [Part III]

Checkout the New Version Update [Part III]

With the reward system getting more and more rewarding, True Balance App is showering its users with rewards.

In the last part of the version update on the blog we are discussing the lucky coin, the lucky coin has got luckier in the version update!

The prize amount of the lucky coin has grown exponentially. Now lucky coin gives you Rs.1 when first you try your luck on it. It’s not just your lucky coin that would give you money, when your friend tries his/her lucky coin for the first time, you get 1 rupee even then!!

Is it possible? You know what, it is!
Now it is going to get more exciting, it’s not just your friend’s lucky coin that would fetch you reward. When your friend’s invite uses the lucky coin option for the first time you get Rs0.5 even then.So, you can earn a sum of Rs.2.5 from just the lucky coin!

So what are you waiting for, open True Balance App and avail the Lucky Coin benefits today!

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