It has come to the notice of True Balance that certain websites are claiming to have partnered with True Balance and asking users to download the app.

True Balance wants its users to know that it has not partnered with any website or any show, and legal actions can be taken against such means.  Please stay away from such websites who have fake claims, it is illegal and unethical.

If you wish to download True Balance App, please visit Google Play and download it. Download True Balance App.

We have also come across certain videos on YouTube that claim to have ways to “Hack True Balance App.”
Firstly, our development team is very efficient and under no circumstances, True Balance App can be hacked. Secondly, uploading such contents and following such contents, both are illegal.

As you can already see in the image below that we have flagged such videos.

These individual hackers mislead our users and earn rewards in an unethical manner.

Please note that legal consequences can occur for people who upload such contents and also those who follow these.
It is a request to our loyal users, please do not believe in such contents or follow them.



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