From jewellery and bars to virtual coins: Benefits of investing in Digital Gold (during COVID)

From jewellery and bars to virtual coins: Benefits of investing in Digital Gold (during COVID)

Gold has always been an evergreen investment option. Highly regarded as a safe hedge due to its a ‘store of value’, the yellow precious metal offers assured value-for-exchange during volatile/troubling economic times. Despite a pandemic for example, Gold has outperformed all other major asset classes in the first half of 2020.

There are however, several limitations in buying physical Gold. It requires a big investment, storing it comes with the fear of theft or robbery, and it is often difficult to get a complete resale value from local dealers. Moreover, due to social distancing rules and lockdowns, neither are jewellery shops open, nor is it safe to step out and risk virus exposure / it is not safe to step out and risk virus exposure.

This is where Digital Gold offers many flexible advantages over Gold bars and jewellery, as it can be purchased online. Let us understand what it is and take a look at the benefits.

What is Digital Gold?

Digital Gold is a relatively new, simple and transparent way to trade Gold online instantly. Instead of having a minimum purchase amount or quantity like in physical Gold, Digital Gold can be purchased in any quantity online. True Balance app for example, offers the following benefits through its ‘Digi-Gold’ product:

  • Small investment: Anyone can buy Gold for the minimum purchase of INR 1 only

  • Viable savings option: However small you start, Gold is a viable savings option for the long run
  • Hassle-free purchase: Buy and sell Digital Gold from your smartphone, in less than 10 minutes
  • No storage hassles: No expensive storage registration fees or service/annual charges
  • No COVID exposure: No need to step out of the house as all transactions can be managed right from the True Balance app on your smartphone
  • Easy liquidity: Sell it at market rates with assured resale value
  • Assured safety and purity: Every gram of Digital Gold purchased is backed up by real, physical 24K Gold, stored securely
  • Redeem anytime: Gold-backed mutual funds are open-ended and can be redeemed at any point of your need
  • Any mode of payment: Gold can be bought or sold across payment modes such as gift cards, UPI, free points and more!

Prosper with Gold – at your convenience

Gold holds a deep cultural significance in India, considered traditionally to be a foundation of savings and wealth. With changing times, it is important to the ways that reap the most benefits. Due to Digital Gold’s accessibility and affordability, anyone with a smartphone and only Re 1/- can start accumulating wealth, track Gold holdings and investment growth in real-time.

So, what are you waiting for? Own your bit of Digi-Gold with True Balance today!

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