My BHI Journey with Vishal Bhatia,
Chief Financial Officer, BHI

My BHI Journey with Vishal Bhatia,
Chief Financial Officer, BHI

There cannot be a greater motivation for a professional, whose work positively impacts the lives and livelihoods of the society around him or her. While it doesn’t always begin that way, a company that works as a well-knit team does always achieve this goal – with conditions applied.

When I joined Balance Hero India (BHI) two years ago (in 2018), True Balance was primarily in the recharge business. We were looking for an NBFC license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in True Credits – a subsidiary of BHI. When I met Mr Charlie, the founder of the company, and listened at length about the company’s vision, I became twice as sure that accelerated growth in a short period is only possible when our goals and the customer objectives were the same.

Thing is, we were also vastly cross-cultural teams across borders (Korea and India), trying to find solid grounds in the way we work, collaborate and share laughter about things other than work. If we were to support our customers through thick and thin, we also needed to work in unison with trust in each other. This was not a minor task.

Building a multicultural team

A multicultural team is like a new-born baby – it has taken additional investment, time and effort to encode ‘going the extra mile, for every last-mile’ in our own DNA. From grassroots to the top management, every person with a great idea finds their place in the decision-making process. I am thankful to BHI that within only two years, I got the opportunity to expand beyond my conventional roles in finance, legal or compliance, to new skills in business development.

For instance, I have worked day-in and day-out with rural Indian customers and small business owners who are also trying to bring impactful changes in their lives with our financial instruments/products. And given that anything that impacts real industries impacts financial institutions, our task was to work extra hard to not only educate customers about the digital means of business development with loans or insurance, but also help them achieve their objectives. Our customers success thus directly impacts ours.

This means that BHI doesn’t follow a flat structure because of buzz words or modern trends, rather every department must work together to achieve the common mission – despite sudden challenges or even a pandemic.

How my work inspires me every day

I take enormous pride, and the strides we make collectively at work every day – with utmost humility. This is because at the root of our pride and sense of accomplishments, are the inspiring superheroes at distant corners of our nation – toiling daily to not only empower themselves, but also make their communities and our economy self-reliant. They have in fact been the vanguards of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ before it was our official slogan.

Which again brings me circling back to my point. Unless one can understand and contribute to the life of their end customers, neither can they be happy or motivated to work.

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