Share, sell, and earn with True Balance – from the comfort of your home!

Share, sell, and earn with True Balance – from the comfort of your home!

In the current times, financial security has become very important. The world is changing fast and we all wish to earn enough money to support ourselves and our families. 

With access to the internet via our mobile phones, earning money has become very easy, that too without making any investments. How can you do it? Just – Share, Sell, and Earn with True Balance

Yes, True Balance, one of the most popular Fintech apps – downloadable on your smartphone – lets you fulfil your dream of earning money while sitting at home. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Let us understand the step-by-step process of how to earn money by using your phone.

  1. Open your True Balance app, and select ‘ShopClues’ option on the home page

  1. Once inside ShopClues, search for the products your friends (customers) might be interested in

  1. Share the product’s image and details with your customers over WhatsApp. You can also add your margin to the product price. The price after adding your margin will be shared with your customers. Take the order with the negotiated price from your customer

  1. Place an order on True Balance (ShopClues) on behalf of your customer. You can choose to add yours Margin.

  1. We will deliver the product to the delivery address. We will provide you the tracking details using which you can keep your customer updated of the latest updates on their order. On the delivery of the order you get additional 2% cashback from True Balance

Product Sold- You Earned

 What’s in it for you?

Zero investments: No investment is required to start selling via True Balance. All you need to have is a smartphone with access to the internet, and you are ready to go!

From the comfort of your home: You can do the selling from the comfort of your home, any time of the day. All you need to do is sell products using your smartphone and earn instant cash backs. You do not have to travel to places to get the goods or to make the sales. Your phone is your market.

Additional Earning:  Once the purchase is done and return period is over, there is a double additional surprise- True Balance gives you additional cash back 10 days after delivery of the order and you get Cluebucks on your ShopClues profile!

Zero Risk: What if my customer doesn’t like the product or its defective? Don’t worry, if your customer doesn’t like the product or the product is defective, you can easily request for returning the product within 10 days after delivery of the product.

Profits without much effort: This entire process has been made simple, so that you can make profits with least efforts. All you need to focus is on selecting the products which your friends, or family might need. With a wide range of options provided by ShopClues, the online marketplace makes it an easy choice. You just need to match the product with the customer and make profits from the sale. 

Everything you need, on your fingertips: With millions of products to choose from a virtual store, you don’t need a physical inventory. You can share the details via WhatsApp, and your friends can select the products they want. All you need to do is place the order and it will be directly delivered to your customer. You do not have to handle anything. That is what ease of business looks like, doesn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Register / login on the True Balance app and start earning money-from home today!

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