Steps to get your dream job (Part I)

Steps to get your dream job (Part I)

After the coronavirus pandemic, many have been left wondering if jobs will be available in the near future. But fret not! Career experts say that hiring will be soon gearing up with speed, because the nation/economy needs skilled professionals like you!

So, if you are planning to move to a new city, quit your previous job, or you lost your job or maybe just graduated from college, here is a basic guide to help you get ready for your dream job.

Step 1: How to create a resume

 Creating a resume or CV is the first step towards a successful job search, as it highlights your skills and qualification. A good resume can make you stand out amongst hundreds of CVs that a recruiter receives for a position.

A good resume should include:

  • Your educational background    
  • Your work experiences
  • Your Project Title
  • Your achievements (optional)
  • Your skills
  • Your contact details

Few things must be considered at the time of writing a resume, such as:

  • Selecting the format: Use a simple but appropriate format which is easy to read, have suitable headings and font size.
  • Make it compact: Include all important information about your experience, education etc. in bullets as it is easy to read. Avoid using long sentences and paragraphs, since the recruiter may not have the time to read it completely. Highlight what makes you unique and differentiates you from other candidates.
  • Key highlights: Highlight your achievements and your area of expertise, your strengths. Your interest areas and any special hobby you may possess.
  • Avoid any formatting or typo errors: At last, review your resume thoroughly before sending ahead to avoid any spelling mistakes or formatting errors.

You can also get in touch with professional resume writing services available in the market to help you prepare your resume.

Step 2: Researching and applying for a job:

The second step is to find a job which suits your requirement. It can be according to your skills, qualification, and the area you are considering for. For example, you may be a resident of Gurugram and looking out for opportunities in Manesar industrial area. Job portals help in researching for opportunities according to your needs.

Today there are so many, domain specific job portals available for such as


focusing on providing opportunities across blue collared jobs etc. It is very easy to search for jobs on these platforms as they provide customised search in various categories and regions. The portals act as a common platform where you as a candidate can upload your resume and search jobs, while the recruiters can find eligible candidates as per their requirements. All you need to do is create your account on these platforms and upload your resume.

Some things you can keep handy during your job search:

  • Create multiple physical copies of your resume
  • Keep all your certificates/letters – education, past professional history etc. neatly in a folder
  • Always have copies of profile photo in formal clothing with you

Now, what to do once you have heard back from the recruiter/company asking you to come for an interview? Stay tuned, we will cover that in the second part of this series.

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