Steps to get your dream job (Part II)

Steps to get your dream job (Part II)

Appearing /Preparing for the interview

So you have heard back from the recruiter/company asking you to come for an interview. Copies of your resume are ready, all education certificated and past professional history neatly wrapped up in a folder. Formal clothes are clean and freshly pressed and you are excited about the prospect of landing a new job.

Great! You have won half the battle.

Now it is time to brace yourself and prepare for your face-to-face or video interview. So let us dive into the interview preparation process including the things to do before, during and after the interview. 

Before the interview:

  • Know the company well: It is important to read about the company from its website, social media pages etc. to know the services or products they offer, the clients they serve and more. Do not miss out on the company website’s ‘about us’, ‘who we are’ and the ‘who we serve’ sections for these details.
  • Know the format well: During a pandemic, companies may not have any physical interview and may opt for an online interview through a video call. Live video calls are popular where the interviewer will share a link of Zoom, MyInterview, Google Hangouts, Skype or more, which you will find on your smartphone’s Google Play Store. So make sure to practice using the apps to avoid any issues in log-ins before the interview.
  • Read the job description: Your interviewer puts a lot of effort in detailing the role you are applying for, in the ‘job description’ section. Make sure to go through the description so that you are aware of what is expected of you if you get the job.
  • Practice mock interviews: Prepare a list of questions that you expect the interviewer to ask so that you know what to say in case any trick question surprises you during the interview. Find a friend who can ask you these questions like the interviewer, and answer all the questions to see how you perform.
  • Sleep and rest well: It is not wise to stay awake or study till late before the night of the interview as you may be tired when the interview actually happens. So make sure you get a solid 6-7 hours sleep, eat something an hour before the interview begins and keep a bottle of water near you so that you have the patience and energy to sit through it.

During the interview:

  • Be punctual: It is always best to arrive early for the interview as it gives you the time to relax. If it’s an online interview, be sure to choose a quiet room, and download your video conferencing app at least half an hour before so that you can check all the settings are working properly.
  • Maintain good body language: Looking neat, clean and professional is important to leave a positive impression on your interviewer. If it is an online interview, be sure to frame the screen so that you are in the centre, sit up straight and make eye contact with the camera.
  • Be confident: It is okay to not know the answer to a question, but not okay if you still answer it. In case you do not know, be polite and honest about it. Do not go on and on about any response, but keep your statements short, crisp and to-the-point.

 Ending the interview

Often we simply finish an interview and leave it at that – which is not a good practice. So when you are done, be sure to sit down for a few minutes and jot down the questions you were asked during the interview. Analysing how the interview went is something that will help you prepare better for the next one!

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