The show must go on – living with COVID-19

The show must go on – living with COVID-19

In the last 70+ days of lockdown in India, the economy has suffered greatly. While it was important to shut commercial activity to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus for some time, it is now time to strike a balance between human life and economic continuity. Beginning from Unlock 1.0, the Indian government has decided to open up the economy in a phased manner, while at the same time urging citizens to take precautions and follow rules & guidelines of living with the virus.

The show must go on

As per the MHA guidelines, restaurants, hotels, places of religious worship, and shopping malls can open from the 8th of June, 2020. However, human life is paramount, which is why strict social distancing and sanitisation measures have to be adhered to in order to prevent the spread. Life in the new normal is expected to see limited (30-50%) capacity in all public places such as restaurants, public transport, hotels, religious places, malls, parks, etc.

Face masks, sanitisers, thermal screening equipment, sterilisation chambers, etc are going to be the new common or normal items around. Touchpoints are going to be reduced in all places. Digital payments are being encouraged and promoted among people. There are of course, different guidelines in different states, depending on the extent of the number of cases and the spread of infection, but the message is clear across the country – the show must go on.

Pivotal moment in the fight against COVID-19

The timing of the Unlock 1.0 is critical, but if things go smoothly without many hurdles, the move is expected to boost public sentiment. It is basis the feedback and response of the first phase, that the government will look at moving on to phase 2, where schools, colleges and other institutions may be opened – followed by the third phase, where international flights, gyms, movie theatres and metro rail services may be allowed.

At this point we can safely say that every step that needs to be taken should be with utmost thought and consideration. If the reopening of the economy is successful, it will be a first win in our war against COVID-19, thereby putting India at the forefront of post COVID recovery – both health wise and economically.

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