True Balance: Empowering the heart of India’s progress – Migrant workers in cities

True Balance: Empowering the heart of India’s progress – Migrant workers in cities

Cities are the heart of progress because migrant workers leave their villages and towns with their skills and aspirations. They build our nation with roads, bridges, dams, offices, keep our homes and streets clean, deliver food to our homes and so much more. This vast daily wage urban workers who participate in service delivery, construction, manufacturing and more, are key to keep moving progress in cities forward.

Even at a time when the pandemic has left us with little odds/chances of bringing pre-COVID normalcy back, migrant workers have again and again demonstrated creative ways to adapt and create opportunities out of adversities/crises. While many migrant workers had to heartbreakingly leave for their villages often on foot and without money, many have stayed back and brought us our daily essentials. It is impossible to think of our economy’s growth without delivery workers. Which is also the reason they must be protected at all costs.

With the clarion call of ‘self-reliant India’, True Balance has been on a mission to safeguard the interest of these front-end warriors, when it comes to financial security and their requirements. In this blog, we would like to go over the four most beneficial services we have seen empowering the lives of migrants working as a delivery agents in cities today –  Loans, Wallets & Earnings and Bike Insurance.

Taking empowerment into our own hands // Taking control of ‘Self-Reliance / ‘Atmanirbharta’

  1. Loans

When times are tough, every penny counts. In these tough times, when everyone is facing cash crunch to make end meets, a very few trustworthy platforms like True Balance, still open to new to credit users, such as migrants to help them by providing instant small loans starting at INR 1000.

This kind of services make these uncredited and unreached users in the list of financial inclusion. This small yet impactful areas of financial support come in handy in making every day needs fulfil such as paying bills, rent fees and/or medical expenses. 

  1. Wallets and Earnings

Empowerment does not stop with one person, and neither should financial support and rewards. For every referral to an acquaintance who needs a loan on the True Balance app for example, the person referring can earn more money. Similarly, with every True Balance Wallet top-up, users get 5 – 10% cashback. Extra money can be used either for part repayment of their own loans or even their loan interest-free! Such incentives are extremely encouraging and can be easily utilised to make repayments etc.


  1. Bike Insurance 

Most urban workers in the service industry like e-commerce or food delivery own two-wheelers – a necessary means to travel for professional or any other need. Yet most bikes are left uninsured which hurts their livelihoods even more in case of an unexpected accident. With affordable, paperless and instant small insurance on the True Balance app, we have seen many not only secure their own bikes, but also the livelihoods of others around them.

The power to change lies in simple, collective steps

Each of our struggles in light of the pandemic has been similar, yet vastly different in many ways. It is thus true that no one can walk the road for us, we have to do it ourselves. Every step we take towards progress brings us closer to our dream of self-reliance.

As you may have seen from the examples above, the only way to do it however, is to not walk the path alone, but by taking others on this ‘Atmanirbharta’ journey with others around us as well.

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