“Work doesn’t feel like work when you have a job you care about”:
My BHI Journey By Chetna Rathee (Chief Trainer, Customer Management)

“Work doesn’t feel like work when you have a job you care about”:
My BHI Journey By Chetna Rathee (Chief Trainer, Customer Management)

Life is nothing but a story book with a collection of chapters that represent various stages or milestones in one’s life. The story of my journey with BHI that began in 2016 is one such milestone and a chapter but an important one! 

Joining BHI 

I remember when it started, on one side, I was excited about working with a multinational start-up; on the other was the nervous anxiety of my transition from a raw mid-sized corporate life to navigating new relationship dynamics with a young, international start-up.  

Only 365 days and +150 employees later, one lesson was crystal clear – ‘Work doesn’t feel like work when you have a job you care about’. There is only one condition– you must take it with utmost seriousness and passion!

Working with the team

Did you know developing friendships with colleagues can be the highlight of your workday? 

Well, working with a team of deep, diverse talent and skill-sets comes with its privileges. I now had a fun family across both India and Korea! I feel even more connected with my teammates as my inputs are not only always valued but play an active role in both the company’s and my growth journey. 

This was in fact what makes the environment at True Balance truly creative and energetic. The top management supported me completely when I wanted to establish an explicit link between our training initiatives and the company’s strategic plan. The buzz in the air is easily distinguishable, lots of energetic conversations happening, and problem-solving exercises stimulating imaginations. Without familial relationships, open-communication, relentless curiosity and the team’s collective desire to succeed together, great feats will always remain unaccomplished.

Lessons (still being) learned

You know what they say about great relationships, right? They help you become a better version of yourself, inspire you and push you to be better – and make work feel less and less like work each passing day. And the last 4 years are the validation of this belief, with TrueBalance I have seen myself growing and becoming a better version of what I used to be.

So, I have been working my tail off – personally and professionally – growing my skill set, expanding my knowledge, learning more and more from a team of FinTech rockstars. And while you should always do your best to contribute to the company’s growth or strategic objectives, do not forget to have a bit of fun in between. 

As for me personally, I never miss a good opportunity to hit the road for the beaches with my friends, or break a sweat at the gym, and my job affords me the perfect harmony between work life balance to pursue my hobbies. However, with the current temporary bump in the plans, for now, I am adding to my bucket-list.

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