Yeh Diwali, True Balance wali

Yeh Diwali, True Balance wali

The festival of lights is the time when we celebrate the welcoming of ‘Lakshmi’ or Goddess of prosperity and wealth into our homes. An auspicious time to buy gold, new clothes, appliances, renovating the house and more. This is also an unmissable opportunity particularly when you see huge discounts from retail outlets.  

Managing all your saved-up ‘Diwali fund’ and/or bonus from work can be tricky under the financial pressures of an ongoing pandemic. (Feel free to check out our previous blog on how you can creatively and cautiously save money this festive season.)

You cannot overspend on things you don’t need, or allow yourself to spend less money for less quality. You also need to put enough aside for medical emergencies, or for a friend who needs a helping hand or deserves a gift. True Balance agrees with you!

To make your Diwali 2020 financially stress-free in seconds, we would like to share some of the ways our Instant Cash Loan product help you.

Zero-interest instant loan, compounded Diwali fun

 Some items have been common across many festival shopping lists in this year of the pandemic. While health and hygiene-related spending is a top priority for all, laptops and smartphones are vital for anyone who needs them for work remotely or from home. You may be looking for a personal two-wheeler to avoid exposure to the virus in public buses as offices open up. Many are also opting to protect their health with insurance, an investment that we can safely say is more vital than anything else we own. Or you may have plans on buying that new gadget or appliance for the home.

In moments when your budget forces you to choose between one important shopping item and another, True Balance’s instant loan of INR 50,000 gives you three big reasons to feel stress-free, including:

  • Instant loan in 60 seconds with zero interest or additional cost paid over 6 months
  • Hassle-free eligibility check, video KYC, loan approval and disbursal from your phone/app
  • No bank formalities, paperwork or pledging of assets to borrow the loan

 This means you no longer have to choose between having money for emergencies and the things you want! We have got you covered for both! After all, Diwali is not just a time to illuminate your homes, but your life too.

Wish you a very safe, happy and illuminating Diwali from True balance!

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