Mother – ‘The creator of life’

Mother – ‘The creator of life’

~Happy Mother’s Day~

Mothers – They hold a special place in our lives. From giving birth to us, to sending us out in the world – armed for combat – she takes care of everything. When all else feels down, the mother is the one person we can rely on for support. At True Balance, we are honoured and proud to have working mothers in our teams. On this Mother’s Day today as times are tough and our workforce works from home, we are thankful to all the mothers that are not letting anything come in the way of their home and work life. These are the real superhero(ine)s in our midst.

When asked how they are being this awesome, here is what the moms in our teams have to say about working from home in times of COVID-19:-


Shailja – Raising them ‘right’ for a better tomorrow

Motherhood is a choice. When I made this choice, I honoured the privilege of taking responsibility to raise a kind, ethical, and independent human being. This recent turn of events has made this more important that we raise our kids right, provide them with right values, so to prepare them for a better tomorrow. Need of the hour is for a more aware and compassionate humans than to more successful ones!


Raabia – It is all about striking a right balance

I look for a balance in my life, I love my work as much as I love my family and myself. Loving my job doesn’t make me any less of a mom. During work from home stress, it is my little sunshine who rejuvenates me when I take a break and encourages me to give my best, every time.



Kamini – Planning goes a long way

While working from home I ensure I finish most of my work when my child is asleep. I have also planned how my husband and I can split child care responsibilities in a way that our work doesn’t suffer. I attend to my son during the first half of the day while my husband attends to him during the second half.



Shikha -It is all worth it!

It’s challenging to manage WFH with kids, but at the end of the day – everything makes sense when your little one hugs you and says – Mumma, I love you!! When you become a mother, you inevitably become a multitasker./span>




Anjali – Best of both worlds

It is joyful to have a kid around you while working. Enjoying getting my work done without missing his achievements. A mother’s job is a full-time role. Therefore, I am used to multitasking – trying to work and oversee his feeding schedule at the same time.




Khushbu –  Managing the tots

My daughter is extremely playful. At time it is a little difficult to manage work from home with her as she wants Mumma’s attention and playtime. So, we get her engaged with her favourite toys and cartoons videos. I make sure that both my work and my daughter gets the best of me.

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